Fitzroy District


Services Provided

  • Engineering Support and Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Field Inspections and Data Collation


Department of Transport and Main Roads – Fitzroy District

Project Cost



2016 – 2019


MCE was engaged to provide engineering support and management for the DTMR response to multiple flood events that impacted large areas of the Fitzroy District.  Following the event, MCE staff completed detailed inspections of the damage, and noted restoration treatments needed.  MCE then compiled funding submission documents which secured State & Federal funding to restore the damage.  Having secured funding, MCE provided Administrators, Site Engineers and Inspectors to form Contract Administration Teams overseeing the delivery of the construction contracts.  This work involved reviewing contract documents, progress claims, variations and extensions of time.

During the flood event, there were several sites that experienced significant damage, including geotechnical slips across two ranges, several bridge sites that experienced significant scouring and multiple concrete floodways washed away or severely undermined.  These damage sites required detailed survey, material testing, geotechnical and hydraulic analysis and design.  The outcomes of these investigations were incorporated into detailed designs and awarded to contractors, select via open-market tender.  MCE was responsible for the management of this entire program, from commencement of inspections, scoping of investigations and reports, reviewing designs, compiling contract documents, and assessing the tenders.