ReOC accreditation achieved

Project Engineer Rhys Alcorn’s successful ReOC accreditation on behalf of McMurtrie Consulting Engineers (MCE), solidifies our position as professional drone operators.

This accreditation allows MCE to conduct aerial inspection within 3 miles of aerodromes, fly closer than 30m to people and conduct flights at night. Aerial drone services are extremely complimentary to Construction Project Management, and MCE is uniquely positioned to provide these services to our clients.

We can create aerial videos, maps and 3D models of construction sites for our clients, in areas not accessible to recreational drone pilots.

  • Some interesting projects have included:
  • Promotional videos for State Government agencies showcasing completed projects
  • Invasive weed inspections – identifying Prickly Acacia locations for land care management
  • Intersection upgrades
  • Asset Management Inspections
  • School Safety Sign Inspections
  • Communicating subdivision progress with overseas clients

MCE can inspect a worksite, upload the video or map, and share it with stakeholders all over the world within 24 hours. A picture tells a thousand words and MCE is proud to offer this unique service to our clients.